"Blown away by LayeRhythm - A Jam Session of Music & Dance last night. Can't stop thinking about this exceptional act of generosity and creative spirit. WOW. Pure brilliance!"

Erica Ruben(audience member)

"One of my favorite events at Meridian 23."

Stefan Andemicael(NYC venue Manager)

"What an amazing show, glad I got to put my rhythms out for people to dance to."

Daniel Fresco(music participant)

"Thank you SO MUCH Mai Lê for putting together such an amazing event, so many inspiring dancers and musicians and to see them come alive as one was magical!! LayeRhythm is really special."

Tereza Hálová(audience member)

"Thank you for the opportunity to share and having a great idea come to existence."

Kim D. Holmes(dance participant)

"Thank you for giving us a platform. Your brilliance has allowed the global dance community to shine."

Brian Polite(dance participant)

"Mai Lê, thank you for putting on a dope event. Thank you for giving us artists a space to collaborate and be free."

Scott Camodity(dance participant)

"It was so memorable!"

MotorCity Muse(Detroit host venue)

"Your events and your energy make this world a better place! Not to mention, they keep alive & well many different forms of dance that I feel like most people going out/involved in nightlife never come really across."

Jennifer Nash(audience member)

"Every participant took the crowd on an epic journey."

Lena TeKi TeKua(audience member)

"THANK YOU Mai Lê for all the hard work you put in to give Phillly/NJ artists in particular a spotlight to actually be creative, honest and free..cannot wait until the next one!!"

Andrew Riot Ramsey[Locking World Champion](dance participant)

"It was a magical night, filled with inspiration from all dancers, musicians, singers, and spectators that understood all energies."

Stephanie Caballero(audience member)

"I am truly honored and humbled by this experience. To be amongst true talent and artistry just simply changed my life it is a night to remember."

Victor Lewis Jr.[Philadanco! member](dance participant)